About Conscious Heart

Conscious Heart 
courses are dedicated to the awakening of the heart. They are an invitation to meet in the space of consciousness and love, and to participate in the living silence that makes the joy of knowing our own being come alive.

The essence of this approach is about creating space for the inherent divine presence that already lives in the core of every heart.

In the depth of silence, in which all imagined goals about the future dissolve, we become awake to the present moment and receptive to the wisdom and love that is our heart’s innermost treasure. When we take our standpoint in what we truly know the truth of, however small and seemingly ‘insignificant’ it may seem at first, it will expand and grow into wide open spaciousness and wakefulness.

As we deepen the capacity for deep listening - which comes from being devoted to truth for the sake of truth - ever deepening layers of loving and knowing open up and gradually pervade the heart and body. The experience of being a separate self – which lies at the root of all suffering - dissolves and gives way for a complete shift in the way we perceive and sense and know reality.

The awakened heart is a heart of pure knowing. It sees everything as it is, without separating itself from what it sees. It is a living realization that in the midst of all suffering there is a knowing in the heart, a pure knowing that the innermost core never suffers.

When the heart rests in resonance with Source it sees how everything that the separate self feared and tried to keep at a distance is indeed the very key to a deeper integration of our true being; as we open up to whatever we experience, without attaching identity to it, the energy becomes freed to flow in the heart and body. This allows for a deeper embodiment of love to take place and for each of us to participate in embodying more love on this planet in a very real way.

The intimate knowing of our heart makes us capable of truly being ourself. It is in fact only through this intimate loving knowing that we dare to be fully what we are. When we share this loving knowing our way of relating to each other truly transforms. In our willingness to be transparent to the divine Source and to each other, our meeting becomes a living communion with the innermost center of all. It is a new way of being together where the shared knowing of oneness outshines the perception of the separate self. As our heart becomes conscious and free from fear and prejudice and from assumptions about ourselves, each other and the world, we can create a space in which a real transforming dialogue can occur; such a dialogue is an expression of the living meaning that flows from Source, through the unique expression of each of us. And as such we serve a higher evolution, moving into a new human era in which we actually live the truth of oneness and human connectedness.