About Madhurima Rigtrup

Spiritual teacher and author of Det intelligente hjerte. Through thirty years she has inspired people in Denmark and abroad to explore the deeper dimensions of heart and consciousness and to integrate being in the body as a foundation for unfolding the conscious heart in one's life - as increased flow of presence and love among people.

Characteristic of her work is the direct approach, an invitation to let go of all imaginations of a goal in the future to discover what emerges when you say fully yes to the moment as it is. The essence of the work is to acknowledge the natural freedom that is inherent in loving the truth. Through taking a stand in one's deepest knowing of truth, areas of heart and body that were previously cut off from being are spontaneously integrated into the living stream, allowing a real embodiment to take place.

In June 2013 Madhurima founded Center for Conscious Heart, together with a group of people closely connected with her work. The beautiful place in the heart of Copenhagen was the physical framework for a collective proces of maturation through three and a half years. The essence of Conscious Heart has spread its wings and taken flight. It now lives in the free community of people who keep meeting in a shared dedication to the awakening of the heart.

Madhurima's spiritual background is her many years of journeying in the field of Osho, and her meeting with the Danish dzogchen teacher Jes Bertelsen. Over the years she has also been inspired by The Diamond Work, Faisal Muqaddam, A.H. Almaas, and John de Ruiter.

Her educational background: MA in music from the University of Aarhus DK, with studies in the effect of music on body and psyche, and a trained psychotherapist MPF. For some years she was also teaching leadership and coaching in business companies in Scandinavia.