About Conscious Heart

Conscious Heart courses are dedicated to the awakening of the heart. They are an invitation to meet in the space of consciousness and love, and to participate in the living silence that makes the joy of knowing our own being come alive.

When we rest in the knowing of our own being and in what is the same awareness in all, the heart and body relaxes. You realize what is naturally and always connected. This creates a real ground of safety which is necessary for a deeper let go into authentic meetings where a much larger spectrum of consciousness and non-verbal communication can arise. When such transparency is allowed it can deepen into real communion, and a truly freeing wakeful love.

The Cutting Edge

As we tune into natural silence and move with the flow of being, it will spontaneously become an intimate knowing in our hearts. When words are expressed from such knowing they become transforming dialogues. When action comes from a pure heart it becomes a manifestation of truth. And we can never know beforehand which words and actions will arise at this edge of the unknown. This is what makes life so blessedly alive! And challenging. Because if we’re going to give life a chance we must be willing to move past our familiar boundaries. In openhearted transparency everything is seen as it is, but at the same time it is completely okay as there is no judgement. Right and wrong simply does not exist in this frequency. The fundamental trust makes it astonishingly okay to “lose face” if that is what happens, as there is ever more light and love pouring through.

The dance on the cutting edge arises in the movement between the conscious and the unconscious – when we open up and let go of all our assumptions about ourselves and others and when we become once again like a child, surrendering to what has not yet been born, attracted to that which we don’t know about yet.

What is it that encourages us to dance at the cutting edge? Is it not the irresistible attraction to that which is greater than ourselves, a deeper reality that lightens up our minds and hearts. Instead of looking for meaningful explanations we’re endowed with a clear seeing of the heart. And once we’ve tasted it we can never forget it again.

Joyful commitment

The response in the heart is a deeply felt gratitude. One feels an urge to give oneself, body and soul, to that which can set you free. A natural need arises to commit oneself to be and to do one’s best so IT can live. Not because anybody tells you to commit, but solely because you feel a joyful responsibility arising from within. You discover through your own heart how freedom and responsibility are inextricably related. It becomes completely obvious that real transformation is possible only through committing oneself to respond in action to what is recognized as a deeper knowing.

The collective and the individual

Every human being has the potential of becoming a light unto oneself. This cannot happen though, if we isolate ourselves in our ego-bounded self. It is only through surrendering to the stronger unified field of consciousness that we’re able to break new ground. It may seem paradoxical that individual flowering can happen only through deep communion – as we meet in a shared dedication and love of inner truth.

The free spirit of a living community, however, can only become a strong ground for individual flowering if each of us responds precisely to the inner knowing of the heart. Otherwise the community will impair our capacity to navigate. Every human being must create their own path. No pre-defined paths can take you home. The most beautiful and intelligent thing that we can do together is to strengthen the passion for exploring the unknown. Then the shared passion for truth can ignite the light that will show the way. Through each individual. As a gift to all.

Let our hearts awaken
to a deeper love of truth
and live the radiant light of silent knowing